Where are the limits?

Jane Austen could not have imagined this latest attack on women.

Of course the Twitter attack on Caroline Criado-Perez  is not only an appalling attack on one woman but is an intimidating warning to all of us to us to keep our mouths shut and heads down.   But, possibly in the name of free speech, social media organisations,  living in the fuzzy web world,  appear to have met with complaints of harassment with complacency – or is it disbelief?

A little while ago  it was claimed that feminism was so ‘yesterday’ .    A cursory glance at equal pay issues, women in senior roles, on boards and in parliament and public bodies, pregnancy related dismissals, etc tells a different story.   I hear fewer people now claiming that it is all done and dusted although fewer women have, thank goodness, experienced sexism or misogyny socially or at work.

But just look at the latest reports of sexual harassment on the London tube – where apparently frotting and worse, has  open season.    All power to those women to loudly complain and get active.  We have a new sort of activisim here  – a topic or incident based feminism which has the power to create change….

Is there something we can learn from this and apply to the  world of work?



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