Catching the dream ….Advocating change in organisations

I was but a small girl when Martin Luther King made his ‘I have a dream’ speech on that late August day in 1963.   This morning on the Radio 4 Professor Clayborne Carson introduced a deeply moving reminiscence of those days and a roll call of civil rights champions across the last fifty years read […]

Bullying advice…..let’s get real, shall we?

I have been interested in the advice currently being shared about ‘what to do when you are bullied’.   Sadly most of it is idealised, text book advice, which does not take into account organisational real politik.  The truth is that bullying is messy, highly emotional charged,  multi-faceted and collusive. The only way bullies can be […]

A story for today – an experiment in compliance

A former colleague’s mum died recently:  she was on the Liverpool Care Pathway and did not have a ‘good’ death.   In her powerful article in Disability Now,  From fact to fiction: the making and breaking of the Liverpool Care Pathway , Nikki Kenward in turn educates and dismays us about its misuse.  She concludes with:  […]

Diversity and Inclusion: what we have forgotten to remember

An immensely clever, able  friend of mine worked for someone who was afraid. It stopped him being effective.  It drove my friend to distraction and eventually out of the organisation which badly needed his skills.   The boss in question was possibly  afraid of my friend’s vision, capability and sheer energy:  and definitely afraid of the […]

A comment on ‘A Manifesto for Modern Leadership’

“I don’t care if my boss is a man or a woman … What I do care about is how inclusive they are”. Says Richard Chapman-Harris of Race for Opportunity in the Guardian yesterday.   I don’t care either .   I also agree that a dynamic leader is the name of the game: but a fair […]