Strategic Change and Diversity

Without a doubt the artifacts of diversity and inclusion at work are here to stay: unconscious bias training, employee networks, the initiatives aimed at women, the awareness courses, the statistics and the measurement: the smorgasbord of imaginative ideas aimed at creating change.  These are all elements which make valuing diversity a reality.  What is new […]

Looking for the silences – about masculinity and organisations

Walking along the London South Bank on Sunday evening I passed a restaurant where a group of twenty-something men were standing greeting a number of their mates.  They all hugged and kissed. For a moment, on seeing the hugs and kisses, I was taken aback and then amused for reacting. But it led me to […]

A comment on ‘A Manifesto for Modern Leadership’

“I don’t care if my boss is a man or a woman … What I do care about is how inclusive they are”. Says Richard Chapman-Harris of Race for Opportunity in the Guardian yesterday.   I don’t care either .   I also agree that a dynamic leader is the name of the game: but a fair […]