Bullying: The Uncomfortable Truth About IT

Over the last few months I have been collaborating with Kathryn Cave, the Editor of an on-line magazine IDG Connect for the ICT Industry.   She is working on uncovering the extent of bullying in IT.   This is important work and worth sharing with a wider audience.   Here are some links to her articles/reports and a video in date order.

Is Bullying Rife in Tech?

Video on bullying in the IT industry

IT Careers: Success vs. Bullying

Bullied at Work: What Can You Do?

Bullying: The Uncomfortable Truth About IT    is a report written by Kathryn based on the experiences of her respondents.

Following the links in her articles will give you further background on bullying issues and how to tackle them.

I have also written about bullying here in a previous blog article.

I first started organisational work on bullying in the late 1990s and over the last fifteen years or so I have dealt with all kinds of bullying behaviour, run investigations, training, worked with perpetrators and collaborated with leaders on workplace bullying including Angela Ishmael author of  Harassment, Bullying and Violence at Work… and Professor Charlotte Rayner,  a leading academic on bullying at work.     The three of us (and others) worked on the joint industry/government and trade union Dignity at Work initiative in the early 2000s.   I am a member of the International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment.



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